How much is

How much is 7% of 49?

Are you someone who is interviewing job applicants and wondering whether testing the applicants further is actually necessary... Well, perhaps this little example of the way someone’s brain works will assure you might need to test them as well?

When you are interviewing a job applicant next time, why not throw in a random question and see how they react? You could even appear a bit rude by jumping in with a question in the middle of a sentence but never mind, just ask "What is 7% of 49?". Look at how they respond. Do they freeze and say nothing for a long while? Are they trying to calculate it in their head and say something silly like 7? Did you know that the most intelligent and mature applicants will pause and think before they answer...they will think along these lines: '49 is roughly half of 100 and therefore half of 7 is 3.5'. Easy for some, not so easy for others. And although this will explain some applicants’ ability to work under pressure, it will not rule out their ability to calculate well. As we all know too well, most of us panic under certain circumstances and for a person being interviewed, this sort of questions would throw even the most confident applicants out of balance.

So what does all this prove about their intellect, brain power or logic? Or even whether they are best suited for the job? You may agree it demonstrates that our minds are not always reliable nor logical enough, especially when put under extreme pressure. Therefore we recommend making our skills tests part of your recruitment process to complement job interviews and improve the reliability and accuracy of the job applicant’s skills assessment.

How to find best staff affordably

How to find the 'best' staff affordably and in less time

Choosing the right candidate to fill a role in your company can be a difficult task. As any employer knows selecting the perfect person is about more than just a good CV and good chemistry, but often instinct plays a big role for the other important factors. Important factors such as deciding whether a candidate will complement your team and have they got the great brain power to add value to your team. Of course it is very important to get right the company culture and the team fit but can they add lateral thinking when working within your team? Let’s be honest, instinct can sometimes require some guesswork.

To reduce the reliance and risk of the guesswork – many recruiters and employers have started utilising recruitment tests to aid in the candidate interview and selection process. All this in the most effective, time-efficient, non-discriminatory and cost effective manner.

Recruitment Tests Ltd was created with the intention of providing recruiting companies with the best and most affordable candidate assessments to provide more insight and non-bias analysis of applicants before and during the selection process. These psychometric tests are designed by Occupational Psychologists, Accountants and Microsoft Certified etc. with all the accumulative experience and qualifications to give precise and clear outlines of the skill levels and intelligence in a candidate selection process, allowing you, as an employer, to save time and resources when expanding your amazing team.

The tests

There is a wide range of tests made available to employers and recruiters for every stage of the process. There are tests available for many skills and sectors, from Reasoning to Finance, testing for a range of skills and competency. Some of the tests available include:

  • Pre-selection tests
  • Numerical & Verbal Reasoning
  • Personality Profile/Psychometric
  • Competency tests/questions
  • Software / IT tests
  • Typing & Data Entry