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Recruitment Tests Ltd. provide a wide range of online psychometric and personality profile tests to effectively measure job applicants’ abilities, skills and suitability for a role prior to an interview. This can save your business on the cost and time of interviewing unsuitable candidates.

Myers Briggs Psychometric profile tests

What are Personality profile tests?

Or psychometric tests - assessing an individual's behavioral traits which affect their performance at workplace.

These tests are designed to measure and analyse an individual's character traits and personality type. It allows you to understand how they operate day to day, what kind of work they are best at and how they will interact with their co-workers or manage a team. Some tests reveal areas of strengths, whilst some focus on interpersonal tendencies that can cause problems. These test results help to uncover personality traits which might go undetected to even the best trained interviewer.

What are the benefits of Psychometric testing?

In recent years, online psychometric tests have become very popular within organisations, in fact over 60% use them now. Hence it has become an integral part of the recruitment process, helping more and more recruiters due to .

  • Increased hire accuracy rate – reduce levels of employee attrition
  • Reduced recruitment costs – avoid costly mistakes of poor selection
  • A more objective selection process – mitigating any discrimination claims
  • Can assess a candidate’s ability to work under pressure
  • Saves valuable time by screening unsuitable candidates before interview
  • Allows candidates to take tests at their convenience
  • Comprehensive results analysis provides a detailed insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates

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Psychometric test results

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Summary of test categories available:


Our psychometric tests assess an individual's behavioural traits which affect their performance in the workplace


Measure non-verbal skills, by testing our numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and critical reasoning tests


Measure basic competencies associated with essential work activities, with our typing, data entry, spelling, grammar and maths tests


Our tests cover all major programming areas: HTML, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, Java, C/C#, Magento, GIT, SASS


Our tests cover Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio, Project


Our tests cover Call centre staff, Care Assistant, Hairdresser, Warehouse, Electrician, Engineering

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