Your staff with better knowledge

Your staff with better knowledge – driving better execution and service for your customers and employees

Staff assessment techniques are fast becoming one of the most powerful tools to ensure your people execute plans with best knowledge and deliver the best results for your customers and shareholders.
Our experience has shown that businesses who ensure that all their employees receive regular reminders and communication about strategy, your market, and competitors are more willing and capable of delivering the best possible results for your customers and shareholders.

We believe that driving staff assessment can take many different forms.
For example. Simply by having your team of employees regularly informed around your business knowledge and its strategy can make a huge difference in driving great team performance. What can enhance great team performance is regular dialogue and education around company key facts, goals and tactics which will drive employees to get a firm grasp of your customer profile and trends. While we see many organisations invest heavily in this type of training some fail to prove and measure the return on that investment.

Recruitment Tests can support both these sides of the equation to deliver a total solution for quick cost-effective testing and knowledge sharing across your whole organisation

Employee engagement

Employee engagement own employee solutions

Own employee solutions

Along with providing online assessment and skills testing for new recruits, we also provide “own employee” solutions to deliver relevant knowledge as a friendly reminder while at the same time unlocking greater employee engagement through the discussion and debate it creates across each team. A good number of our clients use their own bespoke data in our private lock up to make sure their employees are comprehensively up to date and educated on the important matters for their business. If they get questions wrong you can be sure they will find out the right answer from that point onwards.

This is how it works

We store your selection and updates of questions in our locked database and then deliver a small number of questions (you can decide but 10-12 popular per week we find) at a time to suit your employees (we’ve seen a great response on Friday pm each week when heads might be dropping). Employees will answer at their convenience, at their desk on their own PC or laptop from their email inbox.
We supply the results report straight to the employee within minutes and make a record in our database for other macro reporting. Later, say monthly, you can take or we can send you department league tables compared to previous trends so you will be able to see who’s performed well and/or who improved best.

To be clear ... supply to us the categories and questions and answers A to D or A to E as you think best. Most of our current customers ask department managers to supply these questions in their areas of expertise. This often works best to get a quality and quantity within a short period of time.

Given the fact that most employees forget at least 65% of training delivered within the first 48 hours, why not load up your secure question bank with some of the following suggestions:

  • Company facts and figures
  • Goals and targets
  • Objectives and mission statements
  • Industry and competitor knowledge
  • Customer and supplier knowledge
  • Relevant items in the press
  • Odd fun facts to make them laugh
  • Visual puzzles to stretch the brains (more neurons more brain power)
Employee engagement benefits

A break from the norm every 4 to 6 weeks to keep them on their toes. We can help with the later if you ever struggle. Did we mention questions can also have images but please make sure the images don't have copyright restrictions. We can deliver group questions in categories if you would like to see more granular results.

How much does this all cost?

Just £1.40 per employee per week all in! This includes:

  • All uploads and unlimited updates to question bank
  • One test per employee per week
  • Monthly league tables
  • No time limits
  • No set up fees
  • No hidden extras
  • No inflation ever
  • No tie in period after the first 8 weeks
  • 4 weeks’ notice any time after 8 weeks
  • Terminate or freeze until further notice (resume later)
Exacmple staff assessment setup setup

Example data with staff assessment questions

A small price to pay for wide spread, relevant and retained knowledge in your workforce. All reported back in league tables for fun and corrective effort and learning.

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