Soft skills Assessment

What We Offer

2. SOFT SKILLS / EQ Assessments - (2 cost units each, 2 credits each)

  • Collaborative
  • Customer Centric Sales Influence
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • Extrovert OR Introvert (Sales People?)
  • Leadership Behaviour
  • Personality Profile Assessment
  • Personality Profile Short Assessment
  • QUADRANT - Clout, Steady, Authority, Compliance
  • Resilience
  • Sales Executive Assessment
  • Team Traits
  • Team Traits Shorter Assessment


  • OUR Values and Vision

7. Wellbeing etc

  • 01. Wellbeing Assessment - Its okay to not be ok
  • 02. Wellbeing Assessment OF YOUR CLOSE COLLEAGUES
  • 03. Working From Home Assessment
  • 04. Workstation Posture Assessment
  • 05. Net Promotor Scores - Inter department (TEAM DYNAMICS)
  • 06. Good "Place" To Work Assessment (Company rather than location)
  • 07. Great Waste Reduction Assessment
  • 08. Induction Completion and Quality Status Assessment
  • 09. Eliminating Poor Old Traits and Command and Control etc from our Company
  • 10. HR Survey 2021 - Average views of your collective workforce
  • 11. HR Survey 2021 - Average views of your collective workforce - short
  • 12. IR35 - Outside - Self Employed Status v Other

29. Employee Engagement Survey - Price on application from £5.99 per employee

  • Employee Engagement Survey

31. Job Adverts 100+ responses - Efficiency and Better Comms with applying candidates FACTS & FIGURES #1 of #2

  • Relevance Assessment - FACTS & FIGURES Person v Role - Qualifying Questions

32. Job Adverts 100+ responses - Efficiency and Better Comms with applying candidates EXPERIENCE #2 of #2

  • Relevance Assessment - #2 - Experience Person v Role - Qualifying Questions

37. Employee Survey's Other - KPI's / Waste identification etc - unlimited use 30 days £79

  • Employee Opinion Survey
  • How your employees feel?
  • Staff Survey - Your KPIs please
  • Waste identification questionnaire

38. Business Support Tools TEXT responses NEW 2021

  • Staff Exit Interview
  • Staff Review with Manager Record

We provide a versatile range of online assessments of personality, abilities and skills that can be related to job role descriptions as part of the recruitment process. They assist in forming an overview of a candidate's suitability for a role and help saving costs related to mishiring or misplacing talent in the wrong jobs. Candidate suitability to job requirements can be quickly assessed to make recruitment more effective.

Our range of assessments cover a good number of single traits, which enable you to mix and match the combination that is most appropriate for the role but more importantly, the unique needs of your organisation.

The latest approach in assessments is to view candidates in light of their suitability to a specific role and organisation rather than the way they map against a norm represented by general population, which has been the traditional model in the last few decades.

Our trait assessment questionnaires have been developed by professional psychologists who have used scientific research methodology in their work. If you would like to discuss your requirements we can schedule a call.

Myers Briggs Psychometric profile tests

What are Soft Skills Assessments?

Assessing an individual's behavioural traits which affect their performance in the workplace.

These assessments are designed to measure and analyse an individual's character and personality traits, on a continuum band. Based on self evaluation by the candidate, they inform on how they operate day to day, what kind of work they are best at and how they will interact with their co-workers or manage a team. All assessments highlight strengths and developmental needs which if not addressed, can cause issues and problems for the individual and the business. Such assessments also reveal aspects of personality that might go undetected to even the best trained interviewers.

What are soft skills?

Soft skills relate to a person's ability to build relationships with others and communicate effectively as well as exercise self-regulation in regards to emotions and reactions to planned or unplanned work, life events and activities.

What are the benefits of Soft Skills Assessments?

In recent years, online Soft Skills Assessments have become very popular within organisations, with over 60% of business using them. They are today an integral part of the recruitment process, because they add value by:

  • Increased hire accuracy rate - reduced levels of employee attrition
  • Recruitment cost savings - avoiding costly mistakes of poor selection
  • Assessing a candidate's ability to work under pressure
  • Saving valuable time by screening unsuitable candidates before interview
  • Allowing candidates to take tests at their convenience
  • A more objective selection process - mitigating any risk of discrimination
  • Providing comprehensive results analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates, which are beneficial to their development, regardless if they get the job or not

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