Frequently Asked Questions

A. The employment of good staff can be a difficult, risky, time consuming and expensive exercise. We believe that you need all the correct tools to make the best decision possible without discriminating against anyone. We assume you would not make any other important business decision without some good checks and safeguards?

A. The tests cover a broad range of areas just to name a few they include Numerical and Verbal reasoning, Microsoft products, Data entry, Engineering, Catering, financial and accounting skills that are job related and practical.

A. The tests are priced low so that you could use them for all candidates that apply for an advertised role, helping to justify your shortlist for interview and defend your-self against any discrimination claims later. Alternatively you could use to check the skills of your short list and/or final chosen candidate prior to offer.

A. No, you can just as easily assess the skills of a temporary member of staff with these tests. You can even test your existing staff to use as a benchmark or to assess training needs.

A. Unfortunately, it is well known that in some cases, students learn to pass exams rather than fully understand the subjects. It is also the case that knowledge is memorised briefly rather than committed to the long-term memory, as is achieved with practical experience. Our tests cannot be revised for or memorised, they test the real knowledge and skills.

A. There is nothing wrong with interviews, per say, unless they are the only method used to choose good staff.

A. Yes, the tests are usually 30 multiple-choice questions and last for 25 minutes. The candidate will simply need a pencil and a piece of paper. They are even simpler to administer if you choose to use the online testing service.

A. Online testing clients will receive results analysis back to their e-mail address immediately the candidate has finished the test, day or night.

A. Using tests can save time and money in several ways including choosing the right interview list and/or taking less interviews, through to the cost and time involved in choosing the wrong staff.

A. Tests are cleared titled with the job level, description and difficulty level to make it very easy for you to choose correctly, but if you need any assistance, we would be more than happy to help. The tests are usually 25 minutes each, so it is not unreasonable to ask your candidate to sit more than one test e.g. Trainee Accountant, Management Accounting and Numerical reasoning. Each will give you an insight into the different aspects of their skills.

A. Most other tests available in the market are generic to many occupations, levels and job descriptions, which make comparing results and benchmarking very difficult. It also makes choosing the correct test for the position that you have, difficult and subjective. Our tests are finely tailored to the level and job description that you need.

A. No, it is not advisable only to use tests to select staff. Both tests and interviews go well together.

A. Using our tests can help you with interviewing in several ways:

  • In pre selection for interview, the tests may allow you to reduce the number of candidates you interview in a justifiable way.
  • Just prior to the interview, the tests can give you a quick view of strengths and weaknesses
  • During the interview, the tests save you time and allow you to concentrate on personality and attitude.

A. Our tests are written by qualified finance & other professionals with several years of recruitment and management experience.

  • Free 7-day trial offer , no obligation - sample all the tests

    After the sign-up we will send you access to the portal for one week, send a few tests to yourself or colleagues and see how they can help. Prices after this period can be found on the website and if you wish to take advantage of our amazing services after the trial period, simply continue to use your log in details.
    We are always on hand to advise and assist you through the process.